Bureau Monitoring

Wholesale Bureau Account

Energize Australia will be an invisible entity for clients under a bureau’s account. Bureau’s receive a considerable discount on all prices. Bureau’s are expected to bill the client although for a fee we can invoice your clients for you.
All phones are answered security and service requests are generated and passed on to bureaus.


  • Inner Range FE900
  • Bosch D6600
  • Permaconn IP
  • Permaconn GPRS
  • Permaconn GPS
  • Permaconn Video
  • Paradox IP
  • Innerrange Multipath
  • Suretek SG4

Bureau Services available to suit your needs.

  • Diallers – All formats including IR Fast
  • GSM
  • GPRS
  • Dual GPRS
  • Paradox IP
  • Bosch IP
  • Invoicing on your behalf with detailed reports
  • Remote Live Login Via Internet
  • Detailed reports available
  • Statistical Customer Reports
  • Late to Arm Monitoring
  • Late to Disarm Monitoring
  • Daily incident reports via email