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Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring


Energize Australia provides a variety of security alarm monitoring services, an operator is available 24hrs a day, monitoring many types of alarm systems.

It could be a home or business security alarm system, monitoring the security system for detection of an intruder while you are away from your home or business. Smoke, fire detection, panic, plant, and ups alarms can also be monitored without the alarm actually being turned on or set.

When it comes to protecting your family, business or property, don’t take any chances – always use an appropriately licensed security provider - and make sure they are a member of the Australian Security Industry Association  (ASIAL).

24/7 Back-To-Base Security Alarm Monitoring


Energize Australia recommends 24/7 back-to-base monitoring for all security alarm systems. In the event of an alarm being activated, a signal will be sent to the monitoring centre where staff will action it in accordance with your predetermined response plan. Without monitoring you are relying on a passerby or neighbor to notify the appropriate authorities when they hear your audible siren or see visible signs of an emergency. All to often they are ignored.

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nbn™ Ready Systems


With the rollout of the nbn™ network  across Australia. Fixed phone lines and Internet infrastructure will be upgraded.  Once the rollout is complete in your area, eventually you’ll no longer have access to a fixed-line telephone.


The rollout of the nbn™ network will involve new technologies and some existing devices may not be compatible, Energize Australia, can provide nbn™ Ready communications paths for most alarm equipment.


Contact us now before moving to the nbn™ network, to ensure your monitoring services can continue without disruption.

Licensed Certified Techs


Energize Australia provides technical support, monitoring services and technicians to Security companies and direct to the public. We Install custom security systems to suit any installation. We service most popular alarm systems including Paradox,Ness,DAS,DSC,Bosch,Concept and Tecom. We use and recommend Innerrange Concept security systems. Advanced and Certified innerrange technicians are at our disposal 24/7.

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